Freshdesk data migration

This article is about migrating data from a Freshdesk account to a LiveAgent account. Note that Freshdesk and Freshservice are not the same platforms. If you'd like to migrate data from a Freshservice account, read this article instead.

LiveAgent offers migration of your Freshdesk data through API without the need for any coding. Everything is handled through a simple Freshdesk plugin available in LiveAgent which can be set up by following the steps below. If you would need any help with the migration, you are welcome to reach our support at and we will migrate your data for you for free.

Freshdesk plugin migrates the following data into LiveAgent:

  • Tickets
  • Agent's accounts
  • Groups
  • Companies
  • Customers
  • Knowledge base articles
  • Forums

Video Setup:

In LiveAgent agent panel navigate to Configuration > System > Plugins. Find the "Freshdesk Migration" plugin and click on the "Activate" button next to it. 

Then you have to reload the agent panel. After reload go back to the Plugins section and click on 'Configure' button next to the plugin.

In the configuration popup you have to enter: 
1. Freshdesk URL - you have to enter the URL to your Freshdesk account, e.g. https://<DOMAIN>
2. Username - email which you use to log into Freshdesk or API key
3. Password - password which you use to log into Freshdesk

In the plugin configuration hit 'Save' and you are done. LiveAgent imports tickets from Freshdesk in the background. 

Here you can see tickets in Freshdesk:

Freshdesk's tickets in LiveAgent after importing:

If you want to add your Freshdesk phone number to LiveAgent, follow the steps in this guide: How to port out Freshdesk phone number to Twilio and connect it to LiveAgent