Freshservice data migration

This is a pre-prepared article for the upcoming Freshservice migration plugin, which has not yet been officially released and should arrive later this year.
This article is about migrating data from a Freshservice account to a LiveAgent account. Note that Freshdesk and Freshservice are not the same platforms. If you'd like to migrate data from a Freshdesk account, read this article instead.

LiveAgent offers migration of your Freshservice data through API without the need for any coding. Everything is handled through a simple Freshservice plugin available in LiveAgent which can be set up by following the steps below. If you would need any help, you are welcome to reach our support at and we will migrate your data for you for free.

It is possible to migrate the following data from a Freshservice account to LiveAgent:

  • Tickets
  • Agents
  • Freshservice groups, migrated as LiveAgent departments
  • Freshservice departments, migrated as LiveAgent companies
  • Freshservice vendors, migrated as LiveAgent companies
  • Freshservice requesters, migrated as LiveAgent contacts
  • Freshservice user fields and department fields, migrated as LiveAgent contact fields
  • Knowledge base articles
In Freshservice, it is possible to assign a single requester to multiple departments, but as in LiveAgent a contact can be assigned only to a single company, during migration the first requester's department will be set up as the company of this contact.

To configure the plugin the Freshservice account URL, for example, and an API key are needed.