There are 5 availability reports in the software and these are:

  • Agent availability of Tickets reports
  • Chat availability
  • Agent availability of Chats reports
  • Call availability
  • Agent availability of Call reports

Chat and Call availability reports

These reports contain a table with every hour of the last 30 days. These reports store data only for 30 days.

min - shows the number of minutes an agent was available on the given channel (chat, call) to answer your customers. So basically the number of minutes an agent was logged in in the application and had a chat icon or phone icon in the upper right corner of the application green.
% available - displays the ratio between the value of "min" and 60 so basically the percentual value of the availability of the channel in the given hour. So for example if there were 10 logged in agents and at least 1 of them was available on the given channel for 15 minutes for example from 9:13 to 9:28 then it would show 25 in this column for the 9:00 entry since 15 minutes from an hour is 25%.
Note: you can filter these reports by department and agent to see the availability in given department.

Agent availability reports

These reports are very similar to the Chat and Call availability reports except these are a bit more complex and display all agents and the departments in which they were available and exact times during which your agents were available on the given channel.

Hours online - display the difference between From and To columns which display the exact times during which the agent was available.

Agent availability under Tickets reports displays times when an agent had the To solve functionality enabled for some department, so the envelope icon in the upper right corner was green or yellow and displayed the number of tickets which needed solving.