Zendesk data migration

Are you looking to migrate your data from Zendesk? There are 2 solutions:

a) Complimentary Concierge Migration Service (Reach out to us via live chat or e-mail us at support@liveagent.com with details, and we will migrate your Zendesk data while you sit back and enjoy a cup of coffee :-)) or

b) You want to do the migration on your own. (it's very simple) In this case, please see the guide below:

LiveAgent offers a seamless migration of your Zendesk data through API - don't worry though, no coding is needed. Everything is handled through a simple plugin in LiveAgent which can be setup by following these steps. 

In LiveAgent agent panel navigate to Configuration > System > Plugins. Find the 'Zendesk Migration' plugin and click on 'Activate' button next to it. 

Then you have to reload the agent panel. After reload go back to the Plugins section and click on 'Configure' button next to the plugin.

In the configuration popup you have to enter: 
1. Zendesk URL - you have to enter just subdomain name. If URL to your zendesk account is qump.zendesk.com, then you have to enter just 'qump' in this configuration field. 
2. Username - email which you use to log into zendesk.
3. API Key - you have to generate the API Key in your zendesk account. So, in your zendesk navigate to Admin > API. Once you are there, enable the 'Token Access' (checkbox) and click on 'add new token'. In the popup just enter the token label (anything you want) and click on 'create' button. Zendesk system automatically generates the API Key for you. Just copy and paste the API key into LiveAgent plugin. 

In plugin configuration hit 'Save' and you are done. LiveAgent imports tickets from zendesk in the background. 

Here you can see the tickets in my zendesk:

and here imported tickets in LiveAgent:

How statuses from Zendesk are matched to LiveAgent ?  

Zendesk status 'new' >>> LiveAgent status 'NEW'
Zendesk status 'open' and 'pending' and 'hold' >>> LiveAgent status 'OPEN'
Zendesk status 'closed' and 'solved' >>> LiveAgent status 'RESOLVED'

What is migrated ?

  • agents/admins
  • end users/customers
  • user fields
  • tickets
  • attachments
  • ticket fields
  • tags

Do tickets get duplicated in case I need to rerun the migration?

In case you are actively using Zendesk even after migrating to LiveAgent and you need to rerun the migration, your tickets won't get duplicated and only the new tickets will be migrated into LiveAgent. However, if after migration, a new message is added to a ticket in Zendesk, this ticket won't be updated and the new message won't appear in LiveAgent. We, therefore, recommend migrating only once you are ready to use LiveAgent instead of Zendesk.