Connecting a phone number

LiveAgent provides an integrated call center solution that allows you to receive, answer, record, and log phone calls as tickets. The call center feature in LiveAgent works by connecting a number from a VoIP (voice-over-internet) provider that supports SIP trunks. You need to buy a number from the chosen VoIP, as LiveAgent does not provide or sell phone numbers.

To add a new phone number to your LiveAgent account, navigate to Configuration > Call > Numbers, and click on the "Create" button. Only users with admin or owner role have access to this section.

Supported numbers providers

LiveAgent provides a lot of pre-set connection profiles for various VoIP providers to keep the connection process straightforward by simply selecting the specific provider's connector and filling in the required details, you can see all supported providers listed here. Once the details are filled in the connection form it might take some time for the number to get registered, after that, you will be able to both make outbound and receive inbound calls.

If your desired provider is not on the list, the general method can always be used, but feel free to contact our team at and we will do our best to add your selected provider to our list.

Some providers like for example Twilio might require additional steps to be taken in order to be able to connect their phone numbers.

Manual number connection using the General option

If you wish to add a number from a provider that is not on the list of supported providers choose the General connector. You'll need to request the following mandatory information from your number provider in order to be able to add your phone number:

  • Phone number
  • SIP Host (URL or IP address)
  • SIP Port
  • Username
  • Password

If either outbound or inbound calls do not work please consult it with your number provider and optionally try changing the advanced options in the number's settings. Alternatively, you can provide us with all the details for connecting the number via email at and we will try to connect your number for you and also create a ready-made profile for future customers who might be using the same provider.

After adding your number you might want to set up a welcome, offline, and queue recordings and even some IVR (interactive voice response) options. Check our IVR guide which covers these advanced options.