HelpScout data migration

Help Scout Migration plugin currently migrates the following data into LiveAgent:

  • tickets
  • ticket fields
  • tags
  • agents
  • customers
  • knowledgebase categories and articles
  • teams as departments


Before you can start the migration you'll need to get your Help Scout API key and you'll need to create a custom Help Scout app and obtain its App ID and App Secret.


You can get the API key by going into Your Profile -> Authentication section of your Help Scout account and towards the top switch to API Keys tab. An API key should be already there created for you, so just save it for later use:


Once you have the API key you can move to the My Apps section and create a new app in order to obtain its App ID and App Secret. Enter any name and Redirection URL for the app, these aren't important.


Once you have the API key, App ID and App Secret you can enter these into the Help Scout Migration plugin in your LiveAgent admin panel which you can find under Configuration -> Plugins and save the configuration in order to start the migration. Based on the amount of your data in Help Scout the migration might take a few minutes or hours.

As you can see above you can also decide to migrate only specific Mailboxes. In order to do so you'll need to enter the comma separated names of the mailboxes you wish to import tickets from.