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LiveAgent helpdesk software allows you to connect your own email accounts and therefore have all your business emails stored in LiveAgent as tickets. Once you connect your mailbox with LiveAgent, your agents can respond to these emails directly from their LiveAgent panel without any need to use other 3rd party mailing system like outlook, for example. You can connect as many mail accounts as you need, there are no limitations. Also if you wish to allow access to specific mail accounts only for specific agents in your LiveAgent software, you can use our departments feature to achieve that. This is most commonly used if you are providing support for multiple brands or businesses with a single LiveAgent account, or to differentiate between your own company departments like Sales, Technical, etc... 

Connecting your own mail account with LiveAgent

In order to connect a new mail account, navigate to Configuration > Email > Incoming Email Accounts. Here you will find a list of already connected mail accounts and you can also connect new mail accounts by clicking Integrate new mail account button.

After pressing the Integrate mail account button a new screen appears, here you can choose from a few predefined email connectors for various mail providers like our Google account connector or Microsoft connector.
If you are using some other mail account provider or you want to connect your own mail server, you will need to select the Custom mailbox method. 
We also support forwarding and email Piping options.

Outgoing and Incoming email accounts

There is a separate integration for incoming and outgoing email accounts. To be able to receive and also sent emails from your account address using LiveAgent, you need to integrate your email account in both configuration screens.

Should I choose email Forwarding/Piping or IMAP/POP3

With the Forwarding option, the emails are sent into the application faster, however, it uses our own servers to send out your replies. The major downside to this is that our servers are used to send out a great number of emails and therefore are prone to be blacklisted by various services without us even noticing. This makes the use of Forwarding risky for any business use where you really need to have all your emails delivered.

Despite Forwarding being the faster option we recommend the use of IMAP and SMTP protocols for receiving and sending emails. POP3 should be used only as the last resort since IMAP protocol is far more superior.

Periodicity of email fetching by LiveAgent if IMAP/POP3 method is used

- applies from version 4.14.x.x
  • If you have 1 to 5 mail accounts configured, then the delay between each fetching of emails is at most 3 minutes.
  • If you have 5 to 20 mail accounts configured, then the delay between each fetching of emails is at most 6 minutes.
  • If you have 20 and more mail accounts configured, then the delay between each fetching of emails is at most 30 minutes.
The above mentioned times are the maximum times between fetching and the real times depend on the email account activity. Active accounts are checked more frequently than the less active ones.  

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