Data/bandwidth usage for phone calls

If you have a limited internet data plan or slower internet connection, you may ask if you will be able to use the call feature in LiveAgent without an issue, or how long you can call, etc.

For example, how many minutes can you be on a phone call with a 1GB data plan?
Or, how much bandwidth do you need for phone calls?

Bandwidth is not internet speed! It is the maximum volume of information that can be sent over a connection in a measured amount of time.

If the question is about bandwidth, it is important to know that LiveAgent servers (used for calls) use 64kbps codecs.
So, it's 64 kbps for upload + 64 kbps for download = 128 kbps/sec which is 16 KB/sec.

If we take 20 KB/sec it gives us 1.2 MB/min. With 1GB it gives us 833 min which would be 14 hours.
Based on the question above with 1GB data available, you could be on calls for more than 14 hours.

How it works on the LiveAgent side

VoIP providers that you use in LiveAgent first connect our "call" servers directly, so the agent's internet is not used at this time. Then our "call" servers connect the agent's browser and only this connection consumes the agent's bandwidth.

Is it possible to save traffic?

If you want to save traffic, you can use hardware/software phones and select GSM codec. However, this codec uses compression, so alongside bandwidth consumption, also call quality will be lower!