Rules - Predefined actions

Rules are special rules that are "action triggered". Rules create predefined actions that are automatically assigned to tickets. If the rule's conditions are met the action is performed.

Rules Video Setup

If you prefer video instructions over text, watch the video below:

Rules Setup

Step 1: Navigate to Configuration>Automation>Rules
Step 2: Click on Create. Name your new Time Rule with a unique name. Setup the "Apply when" parameter by choosing one of the available options.
List of "Apply when" Rules triggers:
  • agent left ticket
  • agent opened ticket
  • agent rated
  • chat started
  • incoming call started
  • message added
  • message group added
  • outbox mail status changed
  • queue length changed
  • ticked created from email
  • ticked created (from all channels: email, chat, internal chat, chat invitation, call, FB, Twitter...)
  • ticket relation created
  • ticked status changed
  • ticket tags changed
  • ticket transferred
A full description of every trigger, condition, and action can be found in this article.

Example of Rule that will add tag "Reward" when agent is rated and (agent rating type is Reward).

Step 3 (Optional): Add conditions - if you want to specify your Rule execution more accurately, you can add additional conditions.

Step 4: Perform action - Set the action that you want to execute when conditions are met.

List of available actions:
  • add chat message (only in chat started trigger)
  • add custom field value
  • add note
  • add tag
  • change requester's groups
  • change SLA level
  • change ticket priority (the highest priority: 64, the lowest priority: 1/64)
  • change ticket subject
  • delete custom field values
  • delete ticket
  • forward email to (only available in ticket created from email trigger)
  • HTTP request
  • mark as answered
  • mark as not spam
  • mark as spam
  • merge into
  • modify ticket recipients
  • postpone ticket
  • purge ticket and stop rules execution
  • remove tag
  • resolve ticket
  • resolve ticket (silent)
  • send answer (from current ticket, marks ticket as answered, will fail on deleted ticket)
  • send mail (usually used as a notification, sends email to Requester / Assigned agent / Last agent in ticket / All agents / All admins or any email you type in, new ticket won't be created for this email in your LiveAgent and this email won't be visible as a reply in the ticket which triggered this rule . You may also define multiple custom email addresses to which the email will be sent as CC or BCC.)
  • send notification
  • send Slack message (only available when connected with Slack)
  • stop other rules (for the same trigger)
  • transfer ticket
  • undelete ticket
A full description of every trigger, condition, and action can be found in this article.

Here you can see some examples of what you can achieve with rules: