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Welcome to LiveAgent! In this guide we walk you through the basics of getting up and running your help desk software. You'll find out how you can setup your mail account, live chat, customer portal and other support channels.

Step 1: Discover LiveAgent

Step 2: Add users

Create user accounts for your staff. You can add a new representative with the Agent or Admin role. 

Agents take care of all the customer requests, answer chats, phone calls and other messages. Optionally, they can manage Knowledge Base articles. They don't have access to configuration.

Admins can configure the system, view reports and manage other users. (Recommended for Managers)

Learn how to setup Agents

Step 3: Set up your email

Connect your email account and have all your business emails stored in tickets. LiveAgent allows you to connect an unlimited number of email addresses.

1. You can either use an email account that's already set up, ready for use in your business (

2. Or connect your current support email address via POP3, IMAP or forwarding.

Simple and fast email setup with predefined email services' integrations.

Note: We've introduced a limit of outgoing emails in all trial accounts because of multiple abuses with sending spam. If you wish to lift the limit of outgoing emails you can upgrade to a paid account or contact our support.

Learn how to connect an Email account

Step 4: Add a live chat button to your website

A chat button can be added to any website by pasting a short html code in the body. You can create unlimited chat buttons and use them on unlimited websites.

Learn how to setup Live chat

Step 5: Connect your Social pages

LiveAgent can plug into Facebook, Twitter, Weibo or Tencent account and transform all communication into tickets for better management. Avoid spending time on social networks by managing them with LiveAgent.

Learn how to setup Facebook
Learn how to setup Twitter

Step 6: Set up a Customer portal

Setting up a self-service customer portal can save you a lot repetitive answering and can provide support to your customers even when your agents are not working. The more problems and issues they are able to solve on their own, the less worries and workload you have.

Learn how to setup Customer portal

Step 7: Set up a Call center

LiveAgent Call Center works as an integration with Twilio. (In order to be able to accept calls, you have to have a Twilio account). Calls can be made by calling your call center phone number (Phone - Computer) or by clicking a "Call us“ button on your website (Computer - Computer).

Learn how to setup Twilio

Step 8: Explore your next steps

Now, when you're done with the basics, have a look at some LiveAgent's powerful features. You may be interested in using some of these functions:

For any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via or live chat (click the button "Online help").