Account inactivity and suspension

Due to our efforts to optimize space on our data centers and reduce the huge amount of energy that our servers consume to slow down climate change and save our planet, Free and Trial LiveAgent accounts are automatically suspended after several weeks of inactivity. To keep an account active, it's required to log in at least once in 4 weeks to the agent panel, logging just into the customer portal is not sufficient.

Moreover, all accounts that are suspended for a long time are by default terminated and removed from the servers. See the table below to understand the set inactivity and suspension processes:

If you would like to stop your paid LiveAgent account for a longer period and don't want to lose your data due to the default account termination period do not hesitate to contact us.

Suspended accounts can be reactivated by our team.

Free accounts
VariationInactivity days to suspensionSuspension days to termination
TrialN/A30 days
Free28 days30 days
AppSumo Free28 days90 days
LiveAgent365 FreeN/A90 days
Reseller's TrialN/A30 days

Paid accounts do not have any inactivity period and are suspended when their billing is stopped/fails and the current billing period ends.

Paid accounts
PlanSuspension days to termination 
Current paid plans
(Small, Medium, Large, Enterprise)
120 days 
Legacy paid plans
(Ticket, Ticket + Chat, All-inclusive, etc.)
120 days 
AppSumo Paid120 days 
LiveAgent365 Billed120 days 
Reseller's paid plans120 days 

AppSumo lifetime deals

If you bought LiveAgent via AppSumo in 2018/2019 and you own a lifetime license, you do not have to worry about losing your lifetime deal. Even if you do not log into the agent panel for 4 weeks and your account gets suspended and deleted with all your data, our team is able to create a new empty account on the AppSumo Free plan for you. Please do not create a new Trial account, but contact us via our live chat and provide us with your AppSumo code.