Integrating Okta application with LiveAgent

Okta integration allows you to use the Okta Single Sign-On (SSO) method as an alternative way to log in to LiveAgent.

To integrate your Okta account with LiveAgent, visit and log in to your Okta account. Once logged in, click on the "Admin" button located in the top-right corner next to your profile to access the admin panel. From the Getting Started section of the admin panel, click on the "Add App" button in the Use single sign on section, or alternatively, you can navigate in the menu to Applications > Applications.


In the Applications section, click on the "Create new app" button (or "Create App Integration" button if you navigated to Applications > Applications). In the new app integration screen, select "OIDC - OpenID Connect" as the sign-in method, and "Web application" as the application type.


Before proceeding with the new app configuration in the Okta admin panel, login to your LiveAgent account, navigate to Configuration > App-based integrations, and click on the Okta integration to set it up. Copy the Redirect URI address from the setup window, as it will be used in the Okta app configuration.


Return to the Okta admin panel and continue configuring the new app. Name your new app, select the "Client Credentials" option in the "Grant type" section, and paste the Redirect URI address you copied from your LiveAgent panel into the "Sign-in redirect URIs" field. Optionally, configure which users from your Okta account will be able to use the app to log in to their LiveAgent accounts via Okta single sign-on method in the "Assignments" section.


After saving the app, copy its Client ID, Client Secret, and Organization URL (available in the URL address field of your browser or in your profile details). Go back to your LiveAgent panel and paste the Client ID, Client Secret, and Organization URL you copied from Okta into the corresponding fields in the Okta integration configuration form.

If you are logged in the Okta admin panel, the URL in your browser is e.g., but your Organization URL is, without the -admin part.


Now, your Okta account is successfully integrated with LiveAgent, and you can use Okta as your SSO method.

Please note that to log in to your LiveAgent account via your Okta account, you may need to set up an additional security method (Okta verify app or SMS verification).