Integrating Microsoft application with LiveAgent

This article is valid only for customers using a standalone LiveAgent license installed on their own server. Customers with cloud-based accounts do not need to set up their own Microsoft application, as they are using our company application automatically.

To connect your Outlook or Office365 accounts with a standalone LiveAgent installation, you need to set up a Microsoft application and then connect it with your LiveAgent installation. The whole process is not complicated. Everything is explained in the six steps below.


1. First go to and login with your Microsoft(outlook) account. After login you'll be redirected to the Microsoft Azure dashboard. Click on App registrations.


2. On the App registrations screen you will find all your existing apps. We need to create a new one for LiveAgent. So click New registration at the top of the page.

3. Name your application so you know what it is used for. Set Supported account types to the second option Accounts in any organizational directory and personal Microsoft accounts. At the Redirect URI section select Web from the dropbox and then set your redirect URL to https://your.domain/scripts/oauth_connector/callback.php as you can see on the screenshot below. Make sure you replace "your.domain" part in the example URL with your actual LiveAgent installation URL. Click Register to create the app.

4. After successful app creation you'll be redirected to the application dashboard. Here you can find the Application ID that you will need for the last step of the setup. Copy it.


5. Next step is to add a new client secret for your app. Click Certificates & secrets in the menu on the left side and then click + New client secret. Enter some description for the secret and choose the expiration (if your secret ever expires the app will stop working with LiveAgent until you create a new secret and update it in LiveAgent again). Click Add button and copy the client secret that was generated after this step, because it will eventually be masked. You will need the secret for the last step as well.


6. The last step is in your LiveAgent admin panel. Go to Configuration -> App-based Integrations and enter the ID and client secret of the Microsoft Azure application that you just created. Click Save to connect it.


Now we have it all connected and LiveAgent is ready to connect with your Microsoft email accounts. Please follow this guide to do so: