Let visitor choose department

In Chats & Contact Forms you can let your visitors select a department they would like to contact.

This can be used in Chat buttons, Offline form in Chat buttons, Contact buttons, and In-page forms

In our Chat example, it can look like this

You can rename the selecting department to your specific use case like in our example: "I have a" and then give them the option to choose from multiple departments, e.g. "Sales question" or "Technical question".

How to set this up?

You need to navigate to Configuration > Chat > Chat buttons > Edit chat button

In the "Overview" section you need to check the box: "Request information by pre-chat form, when chat button is clicked."

Then navigate to Pre-chat form > Fields > select "Let visitor choose department" and then select departments you would like them to choose from and edit the "Department alias" which in our case is "Sales question" and then edit the department with the little pencil icon which in our case is "I have a". Once you will do that you can save the button and your customers will be able to choose from the departments you selected.

If something won't be clear or you would have any other questions feel free to use the chat button on the bottom right corner to contact us or send us an email at support@liveagent.com