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How does the chat routing work?

To ensure fast and accurate communication, LiveAgent assigns Chats to Agents who've had previous communication with chatting customers. Besides random assignment, there are also 3 other options for advanced chat routing.


Random Assignment - New Chats will be assigned randomly to one of the Agents available for Chat. This strategy helps you to assign in long term about the same amount of chats to each of your Agents.

Average Utilization - New Chats will be assigned to the Agent with the lowest number of running chats to keep the same utilization of all available Agents. This strategy helps you to load-balance the number of concurrent Chats between all available Agents.

Max Utilization - New Chats will be assigned to an Agent with the highest number of running Chats to keep utilization at maximum. Once the Agent has no free Chat slots, the new chat will be routed to the next available Agent. This strategy helps you to maximize load for chatting Agents and let other Agents work on offline Tickets.

Ring-to-all - New Chat will ring to all agents available for chat until one of them will answer it.

Priorities - Incoming Chat will be assigned to an online Agent with free chat slots and with the highest priority (lowest number).

Call routing to a personal device - Agents also have the option to route incoming calls to a personal device, such as a mobile phone. This allows agents to keep providing customer support on the go, or on the device of their choice.



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