Chats overview section

Chats overview section primarily displays information about your chat sessions and chatting/visiting customers. Depending on whether you've already integrated your website with the displayed tracking script (or any of your LiveAgent widgets, for example a chat button) or not, you will see the almost-empty screen as on the screenshot below or an actual content shown in this article later.

In most cases, this general tracking code does not need to be integrated into your page. Your widgets already contain it automatically in their own integration scripts. You might need to integrate this code only on pages where your widgets are not present but on which you still want to track customers' presence.

As soon as you integrate your website with this general code or any widget's code, you will be able to track your customers' presence. In each record, you will be able to see the following information about the customer:

  • Left side:
  1. Customer's name if it's a registered customer, in case of non-registered customer it will display only "Anonymous".
  2. URL of the page that the customer is currently visiting.
  3. Referrer column identifying the page from which the customer proceeded to your website. There might be just "no referrer" in some cases instead of the actual URL, but that is not an issue. There might be several reasons why the URL is blank. For more information, check this article.
  • Right side:
  1. Time spent on the actual page/time spent on your website.
  2. Button to invite that specific customer to chat with you. If you want to use this feature, firstly, you need to create a Chat invitation. Once you click this button, the Invitation will not be displayed to the customer to accept it, but instead, the chat with the customer will start immediately.

Apart from information about your customer's presence on your website, in the top section, you can see how many people are currently visiting your website, how many of them are chatting with your agents at the moment, how many chats are ringing to your agents, how many customers are waiting in queue to chat with your agents, and the number of agents available for chats.

You can also notice that the list of online customers is sorted into sections, represented by colors, where chatting customers are displayed first, followed by customers ringing to your agents, and customers waiting in the queue. Additionally, customers within the same section are sorted by when their session started, ascending from the latest to the oldest.

You may notice the following buttons at the end of each row, next to the time spent in the session, or on your page/website. These buttons allow you to:

  • Open the ticket with an ongoing chat (Eye icon)
  • Take the ringing chat from another agent (Chat bubble icon)
  • Pick up the chat from the queue (Chat bubble icon)
  • Invite the customer to chat with you (Person icon)

You can also integrate your Chats overview section with Google Maps to display your customer's location based on their IP address. For more info on how to set this map up, check this guide.