Proactive chat invitations

Engage your website visitors by inviting them to live chat with your agents. Setup chat invitations for custom URLs on your website (e.g. your pricing page).

Note 0:
By default invitations can be displayed on every page where is already integrated LiveAgent contact button. This behaviour can be configured in the Step 6

Chat invitations Video Setup

If you prefer video instructions over text, watch the video below:

Chat Invitations Setup

Step 1: Navigate to Configuration>Chat>Invitation

Step 2: Click on Create and choose your preferred invitation type.

Step 3: In the next screen you can name your chat invitation, select department that will handle the chat initiated by the particular chat invitation and choose the language to be used in the invitation.  Activate the chat invitation by checking the box.

Step 4: In the Invitation section you can choose whether the invitation will crawl in (Animation) or pop-up instantly. You can customize the design, colors, text of the current invitation. In this setup window you can also define the text of  "Accept" and "Decline" buttons.
Step 5: In the Chat window section you can choose style of the invitation: Squared chat, Classic chat, Musho chat or Bubble. Define chat window colors, text and size that is supposed to show up once a customer accepts the invitation. You can also define your custom css code to fine tune the look and feel of each contact widget.
Step 6: In the Conditions section you can configure its behavior, set up conditions when the invitation shows up.

Step 7: After you are done with all of the settings, do not forget to click the Save button at the bottom of the particular page.

Step 8: Now navigate to the Integration section and place the following code before </body> of your page.

Note 1:
- if an invitation banner belongs to 'department1' but the agent online belongs to 'department2', then the invitation won't appear to the customers
- the invitation can be displayed on all pages where there is a contact or chat button present, the button integration code already contains the invitation code 
- once a user declines the invitation and does not close the browser, then the invitation won't appear again, unless the browser is closed and then opened again

Note 2:
Here is a limited number of invitations for one visitor, so in case all available "invitations" are completely used already by e.g. multiple page refresh, returning visitor won't be invited into chat till the old "invitations" get a status "expired". So next invitations will be available right after expiration of used invitations.