Simplestat integration

Simplesat is a customer feedback survey solution. You can use it to create NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) surveys. It can be used to gather customer feedback, suggestions, ratings and comments and unify them in your LiveAgent help desk. Simplesat surveys are highly customizable and offer custom branding options to match your company. 

Follow these steps to integrate Simplesat with LiveAgent. 

  • If you don’t have a Simplesat account, create one here and start your free trial, or opt for a paid plan. Once logged in to your account, Create a new survey in the Simplesat dashboard. You can choose between NPS or CSAT surveys. 

No matter which one you pick, the integration process stays the same. Simplesat allows you to customize your surveys in multiple ways and choose your questions, and rating options. 

  • Once you set up your questionnaire, go to the next section - Configure. You can choose a name for the survey and also choose the language. Simplesat will automatically translate your questionnaire into the selected language. Provide your LiveAgent help desk link under the option Open tickets directly in your help desk 


  • Go to the Publish tab, click on Integrate with another tool and select LiveAgent from the list. You can select icon style. When done, click on Generate embed code. A new window with the embed code of your survey will pop up. Copy this code from the HTML tab.

  • Now open LiveAgent and go to Configuration > Email > Customer templates. Select Ticket Resolved from the list and paste the code to a place of your preference. You can also write a few words asking your customers for feedback. When you’re done setting up your template, click on Save. You can test the template before you send it to your customers to see how it looks.


You’ve successfully attached a Simplesat feedback survey to LiveAgent. Don’t forget to have a look at our Simplesat article to learn more about Simplesat and learn a few tricks about creating effective customer surveys.