Pipedrive integration

The Pipedrive integration allows you to create new deals and get information about existing deals of the customer whose ticket you’re currently solving within your LiveAgent dashboard.

To integrate your Pipedrive account with your LiveAgent account, navigate to Configuration > Integrations and activate the Pipedrive integration.

After activating the integration, navigate to Configuration > Integrations > Pipedrive, and click on the Pipedrive button to connect your Pipedrive account with your LiveAgent account.

In the Pipedrive authorization pop-up window click on the "Allow and install" button.

After successfully connecting your Pipedrive account the pop-up window is automatically closed and you will receive a confirmation that the account is connected.

The integration is successfully done and now you can view customers' Pipedrive deals and create new deals from the Pipedrive integration section in the customer's details section in any ticket.