Using email account's alias to send emails

Companies often have a specific email setup where they have one general email inbox with multiple department-specific aliases set up in order to reply to customers from the correct email address. LiveAgent is able to reply to tickets only from email addresses that are connected as outgoing email accounts, therefore every alias of your email account needs to be connected separately.

Let's say you have a default Gmail or Outlook email account, with aliases and In order to be able to reply to tickets from all 3 addresses, navigate to Configuration > Email > Outgoing Email Accounts, click on the "Integrate New Email Account" button, and choose the "SMTP Custom mailbox" option.

In the configuration form, fill up all the fields as follows:

  • Insert the alias into the Email address field.
  • The Hostname and Port depend on your email provider's settings.
  • Check the "Allow unsecure connection" checkbox.
  • As Username and Password, use the login credentials to the email account.

Once the outgoing email accounts are correctly set up and connected, you will be able to reply to the tickets/emails using the aliases as well.

In case your Google or Microsoft account is secured by 2-step verification, you'll need to use an application-specific password, and you might also need to enable less secure apps in the case of a Google account.