In order to connect your Live Agent installation with TeleCube phone service please follow the steps as follows.

1. Create an account on TeleCube - you can sign up for free and get a phone number.

2. Insert TeleCube account details into Live Agent configuration. 

After you log in to your Telecube account, you can navigate to the main panel. There you should see under Quick Access > click on Traditional Numbers > click on Manage numbers:

Now you need to scroll to the bottom and find Number Purchased where you need to edit the part Redirect to and select your SIP account:

Now you can navigate through the main panel where you should see under Quick Access > SIP Accounts (Extensions)

There you should see My SIP Accounts (Extensions)

Once you are there you need to click on the Gear icon and then click on SIP Settings and it will show you this screen from where you need to COPY:

  • Login (Auth ID)
  • Password 

Then log into your agent panel, go to Configuration > Call > Call providers > Telecube (edit) and insert the Account credentials in the proper fields:


Copy the following login, password, and number (in international mode +48) in your LiveAgent account and select to which department should the incoming call go to:

Finally, save the changes. Your Live Agent is connected to TeleCube and available to handle the phone calls now! 

Remember that you must allow your browser to use your microphone for the call to work. We have this covered here.
TeleCube has an option for IP restriction where you can add IP addresses to allow them to connect. If this is your case then we have an article for you here.