Twilio integration for self-hosted licenses

Hosted with us (monthly payment) customers should follow this guide instead.

In order to connect your Live Agent installation with Twilio phone service please follow the steps as follows.

1. Create an account on - you can sign up for free.

2. Insert Twilio account details into Live Agent configuration. 

After you log in to your Twilio account, you can see your API credentials directly on dashboard. Copy the Account SID and the Auth token.

Then log into your agent panel, go to Configuration > Call > Call providers > Twilio (edit) and insert the Account SID and the Auth token you have got in the Twilio account, in the proper fields:

Finally save the changes. Your Live Agent is connected to Twilio and available to handle the phone calls now! 
There are only few things you have to do, so that your customers can call to your support.

Incoming and outgoing calls with real phone numbers

If you want to receive the calls from an external phone numbers, you have to create a new number or integrate an existing one with Twilio. Go to your Twilio account, switch to the tab Programmable Voice->Phone Numbers, click the buy number link and follow the instructions.


During or after the setup of a new number in Twilio you will be asked to insert the request URL - insert the URL you can find in the field Request URL in your Live Agent under Configuration > Call > Call providers > Twilio.

Once you have the numbers set up go to LiveAgent Configuration->Call->Department phones->Add number and click on both Twilio incomming and Twilio outgoing to add all your Twilio numbers.
  • Incomming numbers can handle both incomming calls from your customers and can also be used to make outgoing calls.
  • Outgoing numbers cannot be used to receive calls from your customers, these can be used only to call the customers.
  • All calls are saved as tickets as other types of communication in LiveAgent and therefore can be searched through and it is also possible to save a recording of the call in the ticket.
How to initiate a new call
To initiate a new call click the New option at the top of your agent panel and select New Twilio call option:
Fill in the number you wish to call, select the number from which you wish to call and click on Call to initiate the call:
Remember that you must allow your browser to use your microphone for the call to work. We have this covered here.
If you should get invalid number error while trying to make an outgoing call and you are sure that the number you are trying to call is correct please have a look in your Twilio account that you have enabled calls to the country you are trying to call. You can find the setting at under Geographic Permissions.
If the country you wish to call isn't on the Geographic Permissions list please use the "Request Access" button at the top of the page to request access to call additional countries from Twilio.

PC to PC calls

Customers can easily initiate a phone call from your website directly! What you need to do is to set up a call us button and add it to your website. Here is the guide for setting up the Call Us buttons.