Vonage integration for hosted with us (monthly) customers

The Vonage integration, like any other SIP provider integration, consists of 2 parts. This time it will be cooperation in work between the setup on the provider side and the second part which is the setup in the LiveAgent admin panel. Here are the steps which we'll take:

  1. Creating the number in Vonage 
  2. Connecting the number to LiveAgent

1. Create the number in Vonage 

First, go to the Vonage website and start your free trial. After you receive a confirmation email, you can create your account and buy a Vonage number. To do so, go to the Dashboard and look for Numbers > Buy number. 

With the username, password, and number, you can now switch to the LiveAgent panel. 

2. Connecting the number to LiveAgent

So let's start by logging into your LiveAgent admin panel and go to Configuration->Call->Numbers->click Create->select Vonage (previously Nexmo) from the list of providers.

On the next screen you will need to fill out a bunch of fields so let's go over them one by one:

  • Name - a friendly name for the number which you are adding, it can be some name like Sales number or just the actual phone number
  • Number - the full number which you are adding with +, international prefix, and without any separators
  • Dial-out prefix - this prefix is used if you set up LiveAgent with hardware phones (enter e.g. 01), in such case you will first need to dial this prefix on your hardware phone and then dial the actual number which you wish to call. Alternatively, you can initiate the call from the LiveAgent panel and simply answer your hardware phone to start the actual call.
  • Username - your Vonage username 
  • Password - your Vonage password
More about the setup of the hardware or software phones can be found in the Devices section article.

Save the number and you are ready to test the outgoing and incoming calls with it. 

After you have your number added you might want to proceed and set up the welcome, offline, queue messages, and maybe even some IVR options. Please continue with the IVR guide which covers these options.