Chat for mobile apps and inline chat

Unfortunately LiveAgent doesn't offer SDK for mobile, however you can start chat from a mobile app by a click on a link, which will open a chat window in browser (in popup mode). This method is not only for mobile apps, it can be used in emails or websites. It's especially useful in case you can't use JavaScript chat button code or you just want to give your customers a simple link to start chat in a new browser tab.

How to add LiveAgent chat to your mobile app

Example of a basic inline chat URL just with widget ID:


URL_to_LiveAgent needs to be replaced with the correct URL of your LiveAgent installation.

Available URL Parameters

cwid - mandatory - valid ID of the chat widget from LiveAgent, you can find it in the chat button integration script, which is located in Configuration -> Chat -> Chat buttons -> edit chat button -> Integration. Here is an example of widget ID with value e69978r1:

function(e){ LiveAgent.createButton('e69978r1', e); }); 

firstName - customer's first name
lastName - customer's last name
phone - customer's phone
email - customer's email
note - note in the beginning of the chat
pt - title (subject) which will be shown in LiveAgent (If there is set e.g. "test", ENG version will be shown "Chat from test")

Styling of a chat window can be edited directly in LiveAgent settings of the chat widget which you are planning to use. You can add your own styles as well as custom CSS code.

How to set up inline chat

The same URL and parameters can be used directly in browser to start a chat. You can add it as a link/button to your website or email template.

Pre-chat form cannot be used with inline chat.


How to set up in-page chat

Chat window can be embedded in another element with <iframe> tag. When the page is loaded, chat starts automatically.

Pre-chat form cannot be used for in-page chat.


<iframe src="https://URL_to_LiveAgent/scripts/inline_chat.php?cwid=widgetID" style="width: 350px;height: 450px;"></iframe>

Replace URL_to_LiveAgent with the correct URL of your LiveAgent and widgetID with your chat button ID.