Canned messages are predefined plain-text quick responses that enable you to quickly answer common demands or usually repetitive questions from your customers in tickets or chats.

Creating a canned message

To create a new canned message, navigate to Configuration > Automation > Canned messages, and click on the "+ Create message" button.

In the New canned message window define the text  of your canned message in the Message field, and select whether the new canned message should be available just for you, a specific department, or for all agents. Optionally, you can define keywords based on which you will be able to find your canned message in the list of canned messages. The same keyword can be used for multiple canned messages in case you want to e.g. create a slightly different message for every department while using the same keyword.

Adding canned messages to replies

To add a canned message to your ticket answer or chat message, click on the "Canned message" button (Lightbulb in a chat bubble icon), or use the shortcut Control + Space or Control + K on Windows/Linux, or ⌘ Command + K on Mac.

The list with available canned messages will be displayed, in which you can search for the keywords or even words/strings contained in the canned message's text. It is enough to search for the initial letters of the keyword or the word/string in the text as well. Click on the canned message that you want to add to your message, or use keyboard arrow keys to select the chosen canned message and press enter to add the canned message to your reply.