Agent notifications in LiveAgent are used to notify offline agents when a ticket is assigned to them, when a customer replied to a ticket assigned to them, or when a new ticket is created in a department they are members of.

Notifications are sent only to agents that are offline, not to agents online in their panels (either in a browser or mobile application). If you need notifications to be sent regardless the agent is online or offline, you can do so by creating a rule.

Every agent can set up his/her notifications directly in their agent profile. To edit your agent profile, click on your profile photo in the top right corner of your LiveAgent panel, and navigate to Edit profile > Notifications.

Agents with default roles Owner or Admin, or with a custom role with granted permission "Manage agents" can also edit profiles of other agents and set up notifications for them. For that, navigate to Configuration > Agents.

There are 2 types of agent notifications - Email notifications & Slack notifications.

Email notifications

Email notifications are sent to the agent's email address which is also set up as the agent's username. Email notifications are not sent to agents immediately after the notification action is taken but after a given interval. If the same action has been taken multiple times within the given interval, for example 3 tickets were massively assigned to the agent at the same time, the agent won't receive 3 separate notifications. Instead, just a single notification will be sent, containing info about all the 3 tickets assigned to the agent.

The format of email notifications can be adjusted in Configuration > Email > Agent Templates.


Slack notifications

Compared to email notifications, Slack notifications are sent right away after the notification action is taken, therefore there is no interval. Notifications are sent directly to the selected agent's Slack account that is linked with your LiveAgent account.

Slack notifications require Slack integration. If your LiveAgent account is not integrated with your Slack workspace, Slack notifications won't be displayed in agents' profile details.

The format of Slack notifications can be adjusted in Configuration > Slack.