Salesflare integration

Salesflare is a CRM solution that provides services for startups and small B2B (Business to business). It offers various automations regarding contacts, customer interactions and data gathering from databases, calendars, phones, social media and email accounts. 

Salesflare integration with LiveAgent can be used to extract data from and to chats and forms in LiveAgent. The data will be displayed in LiveAgent so you can keep track of what is going on in Salesflare. 

How to integrate Salesflare CRM with LiveAgent

LiveAgent has a Salesflare integration plugin available in the configuration. Follow the guide below to learn how to activate the integration. 

  • Go to LiveAgent and open Configuration > System > Plugins. Find Salesflare and click on the activate switch. LiveAgent will restart.

  • Find the active Salesflare plugin in the list and click on Configuration. You will see an API key field where you will need to put an API key from Salesflare. 

  • Go to your Salesflare account and open Settings > API Keys. Create a new API key and name it. Copy and paste the key into the API key field in LiveAgent’s Salesflare configuration.

The integration is now active and you can see Salesflare data in LiveAgent.