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Not possible to update standalone versions below 5.14

If your installation is running on version 5.14 or above you are safe and no action is required.

We are making breaking changes to the product code and update process of standalone licenses with version 5.24 of LiveAgent (version 5.23 is out now).

If your version is below 5.14 please read on.

In order to keep your installation working there are 2 routes you can take: 

  • update your installation to the latest version
    • payment might be required to extend the download validity
    • your server need to fit the server requirements of new version
  • switch to our hosted accounts and join the subscription model
    • free migration to the cloud


Question: We have version hosted in our server.  What does it mean for us?

Answer: If you will not upgrade your standalone version to current available or at least to 5.14 (you can always download only the latest version from us), you will not be able to update to higher versions any more once LiveAgent 5.24 will be out and your minimal standalone version will not be at least 5.14. So we recommend to proceed with update to version 5.22 asap. It also contains a lot of security fixes and improvements over the time. You can find the changelog here.

Question: We have older version (below 5.14), but we can't upgrade to new version due to multiple reasons (server requirements etc). What will happen if we don't update? Will our old self hosted version cease to function?

Answer: You will still be able to use your standalone LiveAgent license further, but locked on your current version without any possibility of future update. If you should update your server later on to higher server versions your old LiveAgent installation might stop working since it won't be optimized for the current technology. Therefore we would highly advise you to consider migration of your LiveAgent to our cloud (see more details about this option below).


It's the best time to switch to cloud

We highly recommend you to switch to the cloud and put all the troubles of maintaining your servers, license and infrastructure behind. LiveAgent has been growing rapidly and we can proudly say that the server infrastructure in place, security standards and easiness of use, is second to none. Join 27 other companies that have switched to cloud just last month.


Benefits you gain from switching to the cloud

  • Free product & security lifetime updates
  • Automatic deployment of updates (or based on agreement, depends on your preferences)
  • Priority access to updates
  • Maintenance
  • Low price - starting at $15 per month per agent seat
  • Priority access to new features
  • Access to “cloud-only” features
  • Flexibility to add/remove agents or switch to a more advanced plan
  • Ability to test selected beta features
  • Data migration is on us (free)
  • Unlimited love from the LiveAgent team 🙂

We offer a concierge migration service from self-hosted accounts to the cloud for free

Curious about migrating your data to the cloud? This simple overview will guide you on your journey towards a better LiveAgent experience. 

  1. Create a cloud license
  2. Request a migration by sending an email to support@liveagent.com
  3. Provide us with the requested information and agree on the preferred migration date
  4. Wait until the migration is done
  5. Enjoy the benefits

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