Standalone installations

LiveAgent installation

This article will guide you through a clean installation of LiveAgent. If you would like to update your installation to the latest version then please follow this article ( instead. Step 0 Make sure your server where LiveAgent is going to be hosted (installed) meets the minimum requirements ( Step 1 Download the distribution zip file from

LiveAgent Requirements

Before you order LiveAgent, please check if your server meets the following requirements: - PHP 8.2 (since application version 5.42) - with extensions: MySQL PDO, gd2, exif, iconv, mbstring, php-json, php-xml, PHP5-CURL package, bcmath, fileinfo - required cron PHP max_execution_time set to 0, - recommended minimal memory_limit 128MB, recommended 256MB, for cron recommended 512MB - recommended web PHP minimal max_execution_time 30 seconds, - enabled php session, - MariaDB 10.2 or higher (recomm...