Install Elasticsearch

Why use Elasticsearch?

Elasticsearch will help you to maximize the speed of full-text search in tickets and knowledge base. Fulltext search in big Mysql database can overpower your DB for few minutes. With elasticsearch, you will get the same results in milliseconds.

How to install Elasticsearch

1. Install elasticsearch service on your server. Each operating system has different installation steps, so please try to ask your server admin to do it right. To use standard installers like yum or apt read more here.

2. Default configuration values work fine for low traffic websites and a low number of indexed tickets. For higher loads, let's try to use additional settings in elasticsearch.yml.

Please understand, that for each hardware can be the configuration different.

This is our recommended configuration for Elasticsearch 6.2.4:

action.auto_create_index: false

http.cors.enabled: true
http.cors.allow-origin: "*"

bootstrap.mlockall: true

indices.fielddata.cache.size:  20%

# The field data circuit breaker allows Elasticsearch to estimate the amount of
# memory a field will require to be loaded into memory
indices.breaker.fielddata.limit: 40%

# The request circuit breaker allows Elasticsearch to prevent per-request data
# structures (for example, memory used for calculating aggregations during a request)
# from exceeding a certain amount of memory.
indices.breaker.request.limit: 20%

# The total circuit breaker wraps the request and fielddata circuit breakers to
# ensure that the combination of the two doesn’t use more than 70% of the heap by default. 50% 1000

thread_pool.bulk.queue_size: 3000

thread_pool.index.queue_size: 1000

Don't forget to restart elasticsearch service once you modified your config.


3. Once your elasticsearch service is running, open LiveAgent configuration and activate Elasticsearch settings (visible for downloadable licenses only):


4. tickets and knowledgebase articles are indexed on the background, please wait few minutes until all documents will be available in the full-text search

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