Make LiveAgent listen on different port or fix licensing issues

Standalone customers might sometime need to change the server name / domain name which LiveAgent recognizes. This server name is used in license checks and in construction of some software side URL addresses.

If for example your LiveAgent is installed at but the licensing server recognizes the installation as being installed at or you wish to achieve the opposite and make LiveAgent work on then you'll need to change the way how server name / domain name is recognized by LiveAgent.

By default LiveAgent resolves the server name from the SERVER_NAME environment variable ( in PHP $_SERVER['SERVER_NAME'] ). If you'd like LiveAgent to resolve the server name from a different variable you'd have to create a serverNameResolveFrom entry in your LiveAgent's database under the table qu_g_settings with the name of the new environment variable.

So for example if your server is passing the server name you wish to use as REAL_HOST then you'd execute the following on your LiveAgent's database:

INSERT INTO `qu_g_settings` (`settingid`, `name`, `value`, `accountid`) VALUES (NULL, 'serverNameResolveFrom', 'REAL_HOST', '');

Afterwards if you'd like to set up LiveAgent to use the installation with URL with port like then you'd need to configure the REAL_HOST environment variable to this value, here is how to do it on an Apache server:


Having set the environment variable and the serverNameResolveFrom setting in LiveAgent's database will overwrite the default behavior and LiveAgent will resolve the server name / domain name from this new variable.