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Message group types

You can create an automated rule which executes when a message group is added. With such a rule you can define a condition on "message group type". Here are the types explained:
  • Chat - regular chat group, doesn't matter how it was started (chat button, proactive invitation, manual invitation, etc.)
  • Delete - system message when a ticket was deleted by agent or admin
  • Internal - when a note has been added to ticket
  • Internal (Collapsed) - not really used anymore, it's an internal type but collapsed by default.
  • Offline Internal - when agent replies a ticket notification which LiveAgent sent to him from his own email address (inbox) and the setting "" in Configuration->Email->Email settings is set to "do not send the reply to ticket recipients". The agent's message is added as "offline internal", similar to note and it isn't sent out to recipients.
  • Offline - message group from email or from contact form or when agent replies a ticket or creates a new one by sending out email. Most of the ticket communication other than chatting.
  • Resolve - system message when a ticket was resolved
  • Spam - system message when a ticket was marked as spam
  • Startinfo - the first message group in chat / ticket with user agent, browser, language etc.
  • Transfer - system message when a ticket was transferred
  • Forward - when agent used the Forward function on a ticket. This message is not visible to customer in customer portal ticket view.
  • Reply to Forwarded - message received as a reply on forwarded message. This message is not visible to customer in customer portal ticket view.
  • Split - system message when ticket was split
  • Postpone - system message when ticket was postponed
  • Facebook - message fetched from Facebook. Either private message to your FB page or a wall post or comment to your FB page
  • Knowledgebase Start - first message group in a forum topic or suggestion
  • Knowledgebase - subsequent message groups in forum topic or suggestion
  • Phone - when a phone call is received in LiveAgent
  • Phone outgoing - when agent starts a new phone call from the application
  • Phone Internal - used only for voice providers which allow call from agent to agent within same LiveAgent like Digitale
  • Tag - system message when a tag was added
  • Twitter - message fetched from twitter
  • Retweet - when you retweeted something from LiveAgent

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