What happens with inactive account

Process with inactive accounts

  • You will receive 3 weekly notifications about inactivity
  • After 4th week of inactivity,  your account will be suspended (deactivated)
  • After another 3 months of inactivity, we reserve the right to remove your account from our servers (to optimize the server load and reduce energy use)
  • Even once your account with your data will get removed from our servers, you can still re-initiate fresh one (with the same license).


Can I lose my lifetime deal because of inactivity?

No​​, in case you have bought LiveAgent via AppSumo - you own a Lifetime license and you do not have to be worried about losing your lifetime deal even if you do not log in.


What will happen if I do not log into my account for more than 1 month?

Your account will be suspended (deactivated), but our support team can reactivate it for you during the period of the next 3 months until it is deleted from servers.


What happens if I don't log in to my account for more than 4 months?

Your account might get removed and so you might lose your data, but not your license.
In case you own a license, you can re-initiate your account again using your AppSumo code. Our support will gladly assist you.


Why LiveAgent suspends inactive accounts?

It is part of our initiative to save the planet. Keeping many thousands of inactive accounts online costs some money, but more importantly, it consumes a huge amount of energy. If everyone will save just 1kWh a year, it could help to reduce pollution and slow down the climate change.