360dialog WhatsApp integration possible problems

You can face some problems or errors while integrating or using our 360dialog WhatsApp integration. We've listed the most common issues for you:

You can also check the list of WhatsApp errors by their codes in this Facebook article.

Configuration error: Failed to send the message using 360dialog, the error code was 2001.

This error means that you've tried to send a WhatsApp template that is not approved or does not exist in your 360dialog account, or the template in your 360dialog account and in LiveAgent WhatsApp number message templates section are not identical.

Configuration error: Authentication error.

This error means that your WhatsApp number does not have a valid API key. Re-generate it in the 360dialog panel > WhatsApp Accounts section after clicking on/showing details of your WhatsApp number, and insert it once again into your WhatsApp number's settings in LiveAgent by navigating to Configuration > WhatsApp > WhatsApp numbers, clicking on the chosen number and hitting the "Change API key" button.

Invalid recipient

This error is displayed in a WhatsApp ticket when the recipient is not correct or the selected phone number does not have a WhatsApp account.