List of Application servers (IP Addresses)

This guide explains how to get a list of LiveAgent's server IP addresses so that you can whitelist them on your mail servers.

Our cloud may occasionally change the number of application servers so it is not possible to give you a fixed list of IP addresses valid for years, but there is a way to find the exact list of all currently existing servers using online tools. The easiest way to get the most up to date list of our IP addresses is from the SPF (TXT DNS) record of your LiveAgent account. There are many tools available online to do so. In this example, we will use:

1. Open page and enter your LiveAgent account URL:

2. Once you click the "Validate DNS" button, scroll down a bit to see the actual results:


The listed IP addresses of our application servers are used to access external services from our cloud, for example, Facebook API, SMTP servers, POP3 servers, IMAP servers, API calls from plugins, etc.