Twitter application integration

To be able to integrate your LiveAgent account with Twitter, you will first need to have a Twitter developer account for access to the Twitter API v2, and create a Twitter application.

Begin by logging into your Twitter account and visiting the URL Afterward, navigate to the Developer Portal in the menu.

If you don’t already have a developer account, you’ll be prompted to create one.

Please note that although there is a free account option that includes access to Twitter API v2, it does not contain access to the Search Tweets feature, and therefore you won't be able to fetch Tweets & comments. It is recommended to upgrade your account at least to the Basic plan.

You can upgrade your existing Twitter developer account to paid plan in Products > Twitter API v2.

As a description of use cases for Twitter data & API in the Developer agreement & policy page, feel free to use our template description below, or if you plan to use Twitter API for other use cases write your own:

We plan to use Twitter API v2 to be able to populate and reply to Tweets from a 3rd party help desk software called LiveAgent.

Upon signing up or logging in, the Dashboard page will display all your Twitter apps, if any exist. Choose "+ Create Project" or navigate from the menu to Projects & Apps > Overview to create a new project.

Proceed through the project & app creation process and on the last "Here are your keys and tokens" screen, copy and save the API Key and API Key Secret, they will be needed for the integration. After storing the credentials click on the "App settings" button.

The API Key and an option to re-generate API Key Secret can be found again in your app's Keys and tokens section.

In the app's settings, click on the "Set up" button under the User authentication settings section.

In the User authentication settings page, fill all required fields in the form:

  • App permissions - Read and write
  • Type of app - Web app, Automated app or Bot
  • Callback URI / Redirect URL -
  • Website URL - URL of your company's website

Do not forget to replace with the actual URL of your LiveAgent account, and save the setting.

After saving the configuration form, the Client ID and Client Secret credentials will be displayed. Simply click on the "Done" button.

The Client ID and Client Secret are not essential for the integration and do not need to be saved.

Now that your Twitter application is set up, you can link it to your LiveAgent account. Within your LiveAgent account, navigate to Configuration > Twitter > Application setup.

In case you can't see the Twitter submenu items, you need to enable the Twitter integration first.

Paste the API Key value into the Consumer key field, and the API Key Secret value into the Consumer secret, and hit Save. Your Twitter application is now integrated with your LiveAgent account. The next step is to connect your Twitter account to your LiveAgent account. Instructions for doing so can be found in this article.