How to setup Twitter application

This article is only for our downloadable customers, customers with cloud-based accounts don't need to set up a Twitter application like this. Please follow this guide instead.

Before proceeding with the configuration you must obtain a Twitter developer account in order to use API and credentials.

Log in to your Twitter account and then navigate to and hover over your username. A dropdown list will appear. Then click Apps in the list.

You will be directed to a page containing all your twitter apps (if you have any). Click on a Create an app button.

Fill out all fields in this form. In order to set up Twitter app and able to integrate it with your LiveAgent, you need to fill out all required fields. In the field Website URL enter your base LiveAgent URL. Next, enable Sign in with Twitter checkbox and set your Callback URL to https://<your.domain>/scripts/twitter_login.php

What to put in the last required field is up to you.  After all fields are filled click on the Create button. Popup will appear as a reminder of Developer Agreement and Policy, click Create button again.

Congratulations! You've created your Twitter application.


Next, switch to a Keys and tokens tab and you'll see your API Key and API Secret Key. They will be needed to finish the setup of LiveAgent to Twitter connection.

The Twitter application is now configured and we can move on to configure the Twitter connection in your LiveAgent application.

Navigate to your LiveAgent installation then Configuration->TwitterPress Enable Twitter button.

After reloading of application new submenu under Configuration->Twitter will appear.

Go to Configuration->Twitter->Application setup and you'll see a simple form with two fields. Set Consumer key to the value of Twitter API Key, and Consumer secret to Twitter API Secret Key from your Twitter Application and press Save.

Great! You've finished configuring the Twitter plugin. The next step is connecting your twitter account to a LiveAgent application. Please follow this guide.