As part of GDPR compliance, LiveAgent gives you the option to remove all data associated with a particular customer. This feature allows you to delete the customer's account and all their tickets in the system. This guide will walk you through the steps to delete a customer and also explain how to delete and purge their tickets.

Deleting a Customer

To remove a customer, in the agent panel go to Customers > Contacts, search for the customer you want to delete, and click the Delete button.

In the confirmation window, there are two available options:

  • Delete the customer from all lists but leave his tickets intact - This option simply removes the customer from the Contacts list, but leaves all the tickets of which the customer is the owner in the system.
  • Delete the customer from all lists and delete all their tickets - This option will remove the customer from the Contacts list and will also change the status of all the tickets of which the customer is owner to Deleted

Please note that even after a customer is deleted, they will still be set as the ticket owner or recipient on any tickets that were not deleted and purged.

If you choose to delete a customer and all their tickets, remember that the tickets will still be accessible in LiveAgent with a Deleted status. To permanently remove them from the system and database, you need to purge them.

Manually Purging Deleted Tickets

To manually purge deleted tickets, navigate in the menu to the Tickets section, use the custom filter to display tickets of the customer you've deleted in all statuses, and apply the filter.

Once tickets are purged, they are permanently erased and cannot be restored.

Once the deleted tickets are displayed, select them all and click the "Mass action" button above the tickets list.

In the mass action selection screen, select the "purge ticket and stop rules execution" option. Click the "Run now" button to execute the mass action, confirm the mass action in the pop-up window, and wait for the notification that the mass action was successfully completed.

Automatically Purging Deleted Tickets

Besides manual purging, you can also set up automatic purging of deleted tickets. This can be done by enabling the "Purge deleted tickets" feature in Configuration > System > General, which will automatically purge tickets after a specified period.

Alternatively, you can create an automatic rule in Configuration > Automation > Rules to purge all tickets that change their status to the Deleted status.