How to purge database from useless contacts

Some of your customers or website visitors (or spam creators) are using anonymous temporary mailing services like 10minutesemail or etc or simply you have weird contacts with weirder email addresses and you know that you won't send any further emails to such contact anymore. Why not to clean up your database from such useless contacts ?

Perhaps you have almost 90% tickets created from addresses which are temporarily random generated (sample:
so you can imagine when about 100-150 from those mails come daily and all these emails are registered as contacts in your LiveAgent as well.

Sometimes becomes very hard to find someone from your partners from example with regular email because his name comes the same name related to anonymous buyers.

Lets see on small workaround how to purge your database from such useless contacts.

  • Delete and purge all tickets created from temporary emails by a manual action from agent/admin
  • Optionally also turn ON setting called "Purge deleted conversations" and set time-limit for purging e.g. 15 days
  • Turn ON option "Delete unused contacts" to have a background task remove all contacts which are not owners or recipients of any ticket

Such purging process could take a while (even months) but result would be > Temporary contacts are gone and you can have better and faster search in contacts/tickets


Where i could find "purging" options ?