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Due to the WhatsApp policy, you are able to reply freely by any message to customer's messages within 24 hours limit. After passing the limit or when starting a new conversation, it is possible to use only WhatsApp message templates.

Creating a new WhatsApp ticket

To start a new WhatsApp conversation click on the + icon in the top right corner of your LiveAgent panel, and choose "Compose WhatsApp message". Insert the WhatsApp number of the customer you want to contact and choose from which connected WhatsApp number you want to send the message.

There can be only have one active WhatsApp ticket per contact. If there already is a WhatsApp communication with the chosen customer, the system will notify you and you can choose whether you want to continue in the customer's latest WhatsApp ticket, or create a new WhatsApp ticket and resolve the existing one without the possibility to reopen it or reply to it again.

Depending on whether there is a message from the customer within the last 24 hours, you are either able to type your message freely or you must choose a WhatsApp message template which will be sent.

Replying to a WhatsApp ticket

When you are replying to a WhatsApp ticket, again depending on whether the last customer message in the ticket is older than 24 hours or not, you are either able type your message freely or only choose which WhatsApp message template will be sent.

If the last message from the customer has been received within the 24 hours limit, the remaining time for which you can reply by any message is displayed at the bottom of the ticket. You are able to send multiple messages or message templates within this time limit without the customer replying back. Once the 24 hours limit is passed, you will be able to reply to the customer only via message templates or wait for next message from the customer.

To send a message template as a reply within the 24 hours limit, click on the  icon. LiveAgent also displays whether your messages were  sent,  delivered, and read by the customer.

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