Magento Go integration

Magento Go is a hosted, SaaS service that enables small and emerging merchants to quickly build and launch an online store. Since it is a hosted solution, you have no access to the physical files of it and you can't use the Live Agent - Magento plugin.
But since it provides a way  to add a custom HTML, JavaScript code or CSS into the footer of your shop, therefore it is possible to add a chat button into your shop.

First of all, you have to log in to the admin panel of your Magento Go store (e.g. ).
Then you have to navigate to System > Configuration > General > Design > Footer  and there you scroll down to 
Miscellaneous HTML
Into that Miscellaneous HTML window place the integration code of a chat button that you obtained in Live Agent. 
Do not forget to click the Save Config button in the top-right corner of the particular screen.