Adding the Search Widget into your website enables your visitors to search in your articles, forums and suggestion boards directly from your website. While typing into the Search widget it shows suggestions of articles in real time.

Search widget Setup

Step 1: Navigate to Customer portal>Search Widgets and click on Create.

Step 2: In the Overview screen you can name your Search widget, select category in which the search widget is searching, choose the language to be used in Search widget. If you check "Open article in new window" the article will be opened in a new window. Activate the search widget by checking the "Activate" box.

Step 3: In the Design section define your Title and Search box hint text, you can also change text and border color here.

Step 4: After having your Search widget set up according to your needs hit the Save button. Now navigate to the Overview section and place the following code before </body> of your page.