Before you report an issue to LiveAgent support, please make sure that you have everything setup correctly and there is no issue with your hardware or software.


1. The call drops right away after answering or initiating a new call

The call usually ends with error Call failed. Reason: User Denied Media. Originator: local. This usually happens when you have "browser" selected as the device for answering call and the browser cannot access your Microphone, please follow this article for possible fixes.


2. The call is not connected, missing indicators (microphone), strange behavior, etc... 

Make sure you don't have any "blocking" plugins installed in your browser.

Plugins that blocks scripts can cause serious issues with calls. In some cases it is not enough to just disable the plugin, it has to be removed from your browser completely. 

Examples of blocking plugins which can cause troubles > ad-blocking plugins, privacy badger, AdGuard, etc.. 


3. The person on the other side can't hear me

This can also be caused by some blocking plugin, but it also indicates that there is an issue with your microphone. 

First, you should try to make some browser call via Facebook, Google Hangouts, etc. If there is an issue, you might just need to restart your browser. If that doesn't work, you should check your microphone settings.


4. Call rejected when trying to make an outbound call

If you get an error with Dialing failed: Call Rejected it usually means that the trunk to which LiveAgent is trying to connect rejected LiveAgent's call. This can be caused for example by IP address blocking. With some providers like for example Twilio you can define IP addresses that have access to the trunk, to get the list of our IP addresses please follow this article.


5. An incoming call is sometimes not coming into LiveAgent

If you are sometimes not receiving incoming calls into LiveAgent and sometimes yes, it might be caused by the fact than SIP account you are using for LiveAgent is also registered in some other solution or a hardware/software phone.

6. Call failed. Reason: Sip call service on external device is not started.

The error means that you have some external device selected for receiving calls, so a software or hardware phone and that is not registered with LiveAgent. So when a call starts, LiveAgent wants to notify your external device but it cannot be reached.