Does LiveAgent have HIPAA compliance?

Customer context: A customer is inquiring about the HIPAA compliance of LiveAgent software.

Customer: Does LiveAgent have HIPAA compliance?

Answer: LiveAgent does not claim to be fully HIPAA compliant due to the lack of official certifications, legal complexities, and potential risks involved.

Here is an example to illustrate the challenges: If a potential patient inquires about knee surgery through chat, and later shares their personal information to be contacted, the chat would then be subject to HIPAA regulations. This raises questions about data storage, access authorization, and handling sensitive information.

Now imagine a data breach scenario, where someone unintentionally forwards a sensitive ticket to their personal email in order to finish their response. This could lead to an investigation and potentially damage both companies. It's worth noting that some help-desk providers may not think through HIPAA requirements and label themselves as compliant without considering the risks and complexities involved. While the software is secure, it is important to be cautious when handling patient information to avoid potential violations and fines. You can learn more about LiveAgent's security measures at