Pipedrive integration for standalone installations

The Pipedrive integration allows you to create new deals and get information about existing deals of the customer you’re assisting within your LiveAgent dashboard.

To be able to integrate your Pipedrive account with your LiveAgent standalone installation it is required to create your own Pipedrive private app and use the Client ID and secret of your private app in the next configuration. While creating a new app, set the Callback URL to 


Remember to replace {your_LiveAgent_domain} with the actual destination of your LiveAgent installation on your server.

Set the application access scopes to Deals:Full access and Contacts:Full access as in the following screenshot:

And don't forget to set your application from "Draft" to "Live".

With your app created, the next step is to insert the following code into your config.yml file plugin section.

If you do not have the config.yml file on your server create a new one according to our guide.

    client_id: {your client_id}
    client_secret: {your client_secret}
    # To obtain the "client_id" and "client_secret" you need a Pipedrive developer account and create a new private app.
    redirect_url: https://{your LiveAgent domain}/public/plugins/pipedrive/oauth/callback
    # The "redirect_url" must be also configured in your Pipedrive private app settings as Callback URL.

After creating/updating the config.yml file, navigate in your LiveAgent panel to Configuration > Integrations and activate the Pipedrive integration.

Next, go to Configuration > Integrations > Pipedrive, and click on the Pipedrive button to connect your Pipedrive account with your LiveAgent installation.

In the Pipedrive authorization pop-up window click on the "Allow and install" button.

Once your Pipedrive account is successfully connected, the pop-up window will automatically close and a confirmation message will appear.

You've successfully integrated Pipedrive with your standalone LiveAgent installation. Now you can view your Pipedrive customers and their leads, or create new leads directly from the Pipedrive integration section in any ticket.