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Please note that WhatsApp integration allows you reply to customer message freely only within 24 hours. If you want to start a new conversations or reply to an existing message after 24 hours have passed since the last customer's message you will have to use WhatsApp message templates.

The WhatsApp integration requires a phone number, a WhatsApp business account, and a Meta business account. If you don't have the mentioned accounts, you'll be able to create them directly during the integration.

The WhatsApp integration is available on Large and Enterprise plans. To integrate WhatsApp with your LiveAgent account via 360dialog you need to log in to your 360dialog account, navigate in the menu to the WhatsApp Accounts, and hover over the + button in the top right corner to add/port your phone number.

If you've not yet finished the onboarding of your 360dialog account, you need to connect it to your Facebook Business Account and finish the onboarding process first. In this case your number will be added during the process.


A new pop-up window with a Facebook setup page will be displayed. During the process, you will need to:

  • Create a new or choose an existing Meta Business Account
  • Create a new or choose an existing WhatsApp Business Account and WhatsApp Business Profile
  • Add and verify your phone number

During the last step you will connect your chosen phone number to your WhatsApp account and add it to your 360dialog account.

When you create a new WhatsApp Business Profile, the "WhatsApp Business Profile Display Name" should be the Business name of your Meta Business Account. If you want to use another name, it must follow Meta's WhatsApp Display Name rules.


After the process is completed, the Facebook pop-up window will be automatically closed. A notification to create an API key for the connected number will be displayed in the 360dialog panel, click on the "Generate API key instead" button.


Copy the API key, save it, and confirm the "I've copied and stored the API key" checkbox, and click on "Continue". The WhatsApp inbox won't be used for the integration.

If you've lost the API key you can re-generate it in the WhatsApp Accounts section after clicking on/showing details of your WhatsApp number. The current API key cannot be displayed, only a new one can be generated.


As the last step you might be asked to do a Facebook Business Verification. You can verify your Business Account right away or skip the screen by clicking on "I've already verified my business" and verifying it later from the Security Center in Business Manager.


To integrate your connected WhatsApp number in LiveAgent, log in to your LiveAgent admin panel and navigate to Configuration > WhatsApp > WhatsApp numbers, click on "Add a new number", and choose the 360dialog provider. After filling out the integration form your WhatsApp number will be successfully integrated with your LiveAgent account.

In case you can't see the WhatsApp numbers sub-section you will need to first enable the WhatsApp feature in Configuration > WhatsApp.