How to export data from LiveAgent

Besides the CSV export option available in some of the sections of the agent panel, there are two ways how we can approach the export of your data from LiveAgent.

  1. Export the tickets using API
  2. Create the DB dump

Export the tickets using API

You could use API to export the data yourself,  e.g. this API v3 call will give you 10 tickets per page and will allow you to set the time range when the tickets were created to define which tickets you would like to export. Once the page with the specific date gets less than 10 results, you can move on to the next day.[["date_created","D>","2017-06-11 00:00:00"],["date_created","D<","2017-06-11 23:59:59"]]&_sortField=date_created

The complete API v1 reference can be found here and API v3 reference here.

Create the DB dump

All the data is stored in multiple places, mainly SQL database but also in AWS S3 storage. We can create the DB dump for you, but the data from AWS S3 can only be shared as files and folders structure. The folder structure as well as the content of the files is explained at the end of the following article ->  Amazon S3 File Archive plugin.

If you prefer having the DB dump to exporting all the tickets using API, we will need you to provide us with secure access to some storage where we can upload the files, e.g. SSH / SCP access authenticated by our private key (our admins will provide you with the public key generated specifically for the transfer). In this case, we will also need a host public key to verify the host we will be connecting to.

Alternatively, we could share the DB dump via download link from Google Drive. To do this, we would need a Google account that will get a permission to the files. No password exchange would be needed in this case.

Please note that the dump contains raw data from the database. Due to this we recommend working with the API. The API rate limits that are applied in all the accounts can be found here.

Please do NOT send passwords via email. Instead, you can use our live-chat at and mention that it's related to ticket XXX-XXX-XXX (your ticket ID).