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General template customization

In LiveAgent you can configure Email templates for your Customers and Agents. All the email templates sent from your LiveAgent can be formatted as HTML or plain text emails. By using the implemented WYSIWYG editor, you can easily edit and style content of your email templates.

Email templates Video Setup

If you prefer video instructions over text, watch the video below:

Email templates Setup

Navigate to Configuration>Email
There you can choose either "Customer Templates"  or "Agent Templates".
Customer Templates -> email templates used in emails delivered to the customer.
Agent Templates -> email templates used in emails delivered to the agent.
Let's click e.g. "Customer Templates" and you will come across a screen like this one below:
If you want to edit a template, click on the "edit" link  (e.g. next to "Ticket reply" template) next to it
and in the edit window that opens you can edit this template. After you are finished with editing the template click the Save button.
You can use variables in the templates (e.g. when you use {$firstname} it will be replaced by proper first name in the actual email message).
You can even define if quoted text shall be shown or not when an agent replies to a customer. 
You can use ## signs in the templates, the word or phrase enclosed between ## and ## will be translated from English to another language in the actual email message (e.g. text ##Hello## will be translated to text Dobrý deň in the actual email message when you use Slovak language).

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