Dynamic multi-language signature

With LiveAgent you have the ability to define an advanced agent signature that is dynamically adjusted based on your requirements and ticket context, which increases overall customer experience. This brief guide shows you, how to create a dynamic multi-language signature in 3 steps, however, you can create any advanced signature based on the logic described below.

1. Create a custom contact field

First of all, you have to define a variable that will be used by the system to decide which language to choose. To do so, navigate to Customers --> Contact fields --> Create. As "Code" provide any simple identification, such as "language". As "Name" provide anything you wish. The "Type" of this custom field should be set to "Listbox" (to avoid the lower/upper-case problem etc...). In the "Available values" field you define specific languages you wish to create a specific signature for. "Description" is optional. For "Visibility" choose "Always visible". Once you are done, click "Create".

2. Edit the email template

Now, you need to adjust the email template used for replies. Go to Configuration --> Email --> Customer templates --> Edit the "Ticket reply" template. Make sure that you are editing the Source of the template in HTML mode. The list of variables on the right side now includes the new custom field you've just created. You will need this variable to create a simple conditional logic. Our templates support Smarty programming language, which helps you to define simple constructions like IF ... ELSE.

Here is an example you can use in the email template:

{if {$contact|field:language} eq 'Spanish'}
  Spanish signature: Saludos, {$agentName}
{elseif {$contact|field:language} eq 'French'}
  French signature: Cordialement, {$agentName}
  Default signature: Regards, {$agentName}

By this code, you´re telling the software to display "Spanish signature: Saludos, {$agentName}" if the "Language" field contains "Spanish", display "French signature: Cordialement, {$agentName}" if it contains "French", or display the default signature if the field does not contain anything or contains any other selection.

3. Use the new custom field

Now let's see how does it work in practice. Open a ticket in status "New". In the right section, click the "Personal details" section, which now contains your "Language" field. Your signature will be dynamically adjusted based on the value in this field. The value you provide here is stored for the particular customer and it can be re-filled anytime. 

The "Language" custom field can be also defined/edited for any customer stored in the Customers ==> Contacts section
For more details regarding HTML signatures see also the following article.