Editing languages and adding new translations

Editing language

To edit language file in your LiveAgent software open your agent panel and navigate to Configuration > Languages. Here you can see a list of all imported languages. To edit language file simply click on the Pencil button (edit) in the Actions column.

Edit Language screen has two tabs:

1. Language metadata -> On this tab you can change language metadata like language name, author, text direction, language time, date and number format that will be used for this language. Detailed info about date and time formats can be found in this guide.

2. Translations -> On this tab you can edit translations defined in the language file and also add new custom translations.

NOTE: When editing or adding new translations keep in mind that all translations are case sensitive.

Editing existing translations

Start by using the search function to search for the phrase that you want to translate. After you locate the phrase that you want to translate in the translations list, click on the translated phrase and change it. After that don't forget to save the changes in your language file by clicking on Save button in the Edit translation window.

Adding new translations

First of all, try using the search function to make sure the translation you are trying to add doesn't exist yet in your language file. To add a completely new translation to the language file click Add custom translation button located above the list of translations. You will be asked to define Source message and it's Translation. After clicking Create a new translation is added to your language file.